Bangkok With kids: 5D4N itinerary 

Before I had Baby E, travelling was simple. Choose where I want to go, pick the dates, pack and go! But, as any parent would know, travelling with a kid or kids, is not as easy anymore.

It took us quite long, to decide that Baby E is ready for Bangkok. It’s not that it’s not kids friendly. It’s more of the choices of food we are concern about, as we are huge fans of their street foods. And it would be impossible to eat their street foods without sharing with our gluttony baby. But thank goodness, Baby E has had no problems with all the street foods we had in Bangkok! But of course, it’s a personal choice and each baby/kid reacts differently to different food so do monitor/pick wisely.

But otherwise (I never thought I will say this), Bangkok is great for family trips! It has good food, cheap massages, awesome shopping and fun for the kids! Being a kiasu mummy, I love to plan down to the little details, to ensure our journey goes as smooth as possible. Nobody likes a hungry/grumpy/sleepy/full-of-poop baby on a holiday, hence I mastered the art of planning holidays.

There are many other attractions in Bangkok for children, such as Safari World, Dream World, Dog Cafe etc. But we didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves and to get a good balance of fun, shopping, massage and food! And I hope this itinerary will help parents who are planning to go Bangkok with their kid(s)!

Weather in Bangkok during mid-December is cooling, perfect for heading outside the malls! It drizzled the first day we reached, but otherwise sunny throughout our stay there.

Day 1: Arrival | Talad Neon Night Market

Upon arrival, daddy opt to book a taxi, which cost us a grand sum of 750 baht (S$30) to Amari Watergate Hotel. With a sleepy kid and two luggage in toll, I do think that’s the obvious option. Tio carrot head also no choice. (read more)

Day 2: Kidzania | Rod Fai night market 2

KidZania is an indoor theme park where it has a replica town where children can role-play in real-world jobs to earn kidzos (the currency in Kidzania). It has branches all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and many more! The first time you stepped into KidZania, you will earn Kidzos and will be invited to open an account with their bank to deposit kidzos. (read more)

Day 3: Chatuchak | Children’s Discovery Museum | JJ Green night market | Artbox

Chatuchak, also known as JJ Market, the biggest market in Bangkok, is one of the must-go places you have to add into your itinerary. I have been to Bangkok many times. But I never realised there is a Children’s Discovery Museum just opposite the market with a wet and dry playground! (read more)

Day 4 : Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World | Shopping at platinum

Baby E and Daddy E loves aquarium! So there is no way to miss this aquarium in Bangkok. Initially I wanted to put it on the same day as Kidzania as they are in the same shopping mall. But I didn’t, to avoid tiring out my baby. (read more)

Day 5: Massage | Departure

What is a trip to Bangkok without a good proper authentic Thai Massage! A few streets down Amari Watergate is the popular Number One Massage (as googled). So we went with an empty stomach for massage first day in the morning! (read more)


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  • HI,
    I’m thinking of travelling to Bangkok with my 1 year old in December. May I know which hotel you stayed at?
    Thank you.

    • We stayed at Amari Watergate which is just opposite Platinum mall. The room is spacious and staff are helpful, and with plenty of shopping and eating places around.

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