Not-so Fun@Giggles Playground at Marine Parade Central (CLOSED)

Remember I shared this free entry to Fun@Giggles in a previous post? And so I went, on a weekend no less, and then I realized why they need this promotion to attract more customers.

It’s located at Marine Parade, in a building opposite Parkway Parade. We went around the building but couldn’t seem to see an accessible lift. We had strollers so we used the escalators instead.

Once there, I realised the entrance area is pretty small.

Entrance to Fun@Giggles
Shoes were all around on the floor and just 2 strollers are enough to block the entire walkway. There are some space outside, at the corridor, so we parked there instead.

With our free entry, the staff took down our details and took a photo of our kids. We paid for the adults and went in. No checking of temperature nor using of hand sanitiser. Not sure if it’s because the staffs were too busy or they don’t have this practice.

There are two areas to it. One is indoor playground with climbing structure and the SONA they proudly presented on their website, the other area is more for water play.

So we went to the more crowded indoor playground first.

It’s not a huge place, this structure is about the whole playground. The SONA area, was filled with other toys. The whole place was so messy I doubt anyone actually realised the numbered area is SONA. With some gym structure, a dress up corner, wall sensory corner, toy vehicles corner and a nursing room decked behind at a corner of this playground.

Different play areas
And when you try to squeeze so many things in a small area (small compared with other indoor playground), the whole place appears messy and unorganised. Toys/vehicles/balls/costumes were all over the floor.

There is a small eating corner, which is also the craft corner. Right beside the fridge and lockers.

The main problem we had was the placement of the nursing room. When we were there, the kids were using the room as their “fort”. With the dress-up costumes available, it’s understandable they were using their creativity on the empty room as it is openly accessible to the kids and the curtain hooks were spoilt. For my friend who is still BF-ing, I had to stand guard outside so that the kids will not enter.

nursing roomFor credits, I did see one of the staff advising the kids not to play in the tiny room as they were climbing onto the changing table as well. But soon after the room were full of kids again.

After a while, we went over to the other side of the play area, which was much quieter. In fact, it was almost empty.

This is probably my favorite corner. It’s made to be like a home, a cosy one too. The white “fort” is made from recycled bottles! Pretty neat. The sensory on the wall, while interesting, is missing all the main parts. Like the pen to the magnetic board and stick for the musical toys.

There were also a swing hanging from the ceiling and a rocking horse.

The room next to it is like a gym room, with a small trampoline and pulleys.

As for the water play area. It was very disappointing.

First of all, there were no staff at this side of the playground( I think they were all busy at the main play area). Secondly the water was kinda murky.

River of Life water play

I’m not sure if they change the water as I do not see any drainage. But seeing the little particles floating in the water, I do not feel good to let Baby E play here.

At the Big Waterplay Watercourse (or so they called it, it’s pretty small actually), they do provide art smocks and a placeholder for socks. But with a toddler, trying to scoop water means spilling water on the floor. The setup while interesting, is not waterproof nor anti-slip (they do have some anti-slip mats but you know kids, they like to transfer water all over the place). At least the staff mops the floor, after we were done at the area.

Cork board on the right is mouldy

The “Tree of Love” water play on the right was
meant to educate on how water flows using materials such as pipes, hoses, water bottles. It’s unique, but seriously lacking in maintenance. One of the bottle has a hole and water was wetting the cork board instead of flowing to the container, which is probably why the board is mouldy. At 92cm, my kid can barely reach the lowest point to pour water in without tip-toeing. So I guess this is meant for older kids, or taller.

Waterplay Fun@Giggles
The toys here seems dirty too, not as black as the cork board, but looks like they haven’t been washed properly in a while.

This place can be promising, or maybe it used to be. But sadly, the poor maintenance has made it a sad-looking playground. It doesn’t help that it is not located near to any mrt station. Basically, it’s a small, inaccessible, poorly-maintained playground. And I am glad I only paid S$5 (for adult) instead of S$25 (S$20 for <3yo + S$5 for adult).

Playground Details
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500C Singapore 440087
Open Daily 10:00 – 19:00
Website | Facebook | Pricing

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