Cool de sac @ suntec

Turning 2 this May, Cool de Sac is a cool playground indeed! Designed to be a playground for all ages, one can find all sorts of entertainment for the kids of all ages.

While baby E is an active toddler, she is a very cautious toddler as well. She still needs our accompany whenever she goes to an indoor playground, as the fast slides, rowdy crowds and unknown tunnels scares her still.

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Hanging bridge at the playground

But at Cool de Sac, I’m happy to see that she doesn’t have to just queue up for the fast slides, squeezes through the tunnel that are obviously not built for adults to crawl through, or aimlessly follows the crowd and run to wherever it seems fun.
Of course they still do have these play areas. With the bridges, slides, ball pit etc.

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
What is a playground without a ball pit?
Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Baby-friendly slide
Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Tyre swing
Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Fast slides for bigger kids

But it’s much more than that. After getting her energy sapped from those slides and exploring the little unknown tunnels to picking up and throwing balls at the ball pit. Baby E is ready for some slow-paced activities.

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Arts and crafts corner

They have a craft corner with coloring and crafts stationary! Baby E spent quite some time there, coloring and pasting scraps on the papers. They have plenty of supplies to go around and it lets the mummy have a breather too haha.

They also have a Lego corner.

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Lego corner

Turns out that this was not just entertaining for baby E but for the Daddy E too! He was so engrossed building his own stuff that he didn’t even noticed when Baby E went off to other stations to play!

They also have this “backstage” corner where kids can have face/hand painting and dress-up with the costumes provided!

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City  
And if these are too boring still, there is a video game corner. Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City

Not sure what games are available but the boys sure seems to be having fun!

There’s also a painting corner, where kids can put on apron and paint on the glass window. Yes, their glass windows!

painting on glass walls
Having fun painting on glass walls!

And if these are still not enough (are you serious?!), they recently added this interactive projector. Basically it’s a projection on the floor where kids can interact and play games by stepping on the animals/objects.  A simple setup but doesn’t stop baby E from having fun and giggling while jumping all over the place!

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Interactive projector

And while baby E was hopping from one zone to the other, me and Daddy E were taking turns to munch on the snacks. Which is how Baby E managed to spend half the day in this indoor playground. Their cafe is big and has a good selection of foods for both adults and kids.

Cool De Sac Playground @ Suntec City
Their cafe area
Our finger food
Our finger food
Pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

This is one of the longest post I ever did for an indoor playground because it is filled with so many activities! And coming 21-22 May 2016, they are having their 2th birthday celebration!

Cool de sac birthday celebration
Weekend entrance fees still apply

Sounds like lotsa fun! But expect plenty of crowds too!

Admission Price

  • Children under 6 months FREE
  • Unlimited play time per admission
  • 2 accompanying adults are allowed in free with every child. Subsequent accompanying adult is charged @ $5.50.
  • Socks are to be worn at all times. Socks can be purchased in Cool De Sac at $2.30 per pair.

Monday – Friday
Children under 3 years old $10.70
Children from 3-12 years old $21.40

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Children under 3 years old $13.90
Children from 3-12 years old $27.80
* Adult rates still apply for children under 6 months for Weekends and Public Holidays.

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall
#02-379/80, Singapore 038983
(At Suntec Convention Centre Level 2, above H&M and Uniqlo)

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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