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Falling sick is a terrible ordeal, especially when one couldn’t talk and tell you where is the problem. Kids especially babies under 1 are prone to fall sick. Baby E was one of those babies. Before she was 1, every month she was getting high viral fever and running nose despite that she was still on breastmilk. While I try to console myself that fever is not a bad thing, as a mother I still blame myself for not being able to protect my baby better.

So when we finally moved and got a kitchen that I can freely mess up with, I began to spend more efforts on baby E’s meals. While she still get the colds and coughs, but the frequency has decreased greatly ever since I introduce these foods to her:

yogurt with blue berries

1. Yogurt
Not these flavored yogurt. Buy original full fat Greek yogurt. Yes it’s sour and baby E hated it at first. So I add her favorite fruits like apple, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. You can also add honey for babies over 1 year old.

2. Virgin coconut oilnutiva
Initially I brought it as it supposedly improves breastmilk quality. Then I realized baby E can benefit from it too as it contains an exact same component in breastmilk that boost immunity. We also love the unique smell when used as a cooking oil! Hubby loves this and I’ve been using this to cook all our dishes and in baking.

3. Garlic
To be honest I never used to like garlic. But hubby loves it and so I began to research if it’s suitable for baby. That’s when I read of its excellent boost to immunity (add other benefits) and since then I’m a fan! The most simple dish is stir-fry vegetable and baby E will simply gobble the dish up. Or this organic garlic powder from iherb is good to sprinkle some into porridge too!

4. Ginger
The most common thing is often the most neglected. In Asian, ginger is commonly used in cooking especially fish to remove the fishy smell. But never did I know it’s also an excellent antioxidant and two natural antibiotics are found in ginger! It’s particularly good for colds, nausea and running nose as it warms up your body. However it is not advised to consume while having fever as Chinese believes that it’s heaty and will up your body temp even more.


5. Onion
Onion juice is supposedly good for cough/phlegm. So I’ll cook ABC soup, either to go with rice or as a soup base for porridge.
6. Blueberries & Strawberries
My fridge is constantly stocked with blueberries and strawberries. It’s good with yogurt, easy to pack out and packed with antioxidants. Do note that too much blueberries can affect the color of the poo so please don’t panick if your baby poo black poo. But if it’s not blueberries, black poo is dangerous!

7. Watercress
Watercress is one of the most overlooked vege! It’s very rich in vitamin K, A and C and is one of the most nutrient dense food out there! I always cook watercress with pork ribs soup but I guess you can just add it to the porridge too.

9. Avocado
The best kind of fat. Loaded with potassium and healthy fatty acids. It’s rather plain by itself but add some banana, yogurt, nuts, oats and milk, it became a super yummilious and healthy breakfast!

10. Pumpkin seeds
We all know how good pumpkins are. But do you eat the seeds? Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, which is important for immunity and cell growth. I brought this sprouted pumpkin seeds from iherb and I love how crunchy they are! It’s easy to add to their morning oats or just munch as it is.
*Please make sure lo is capable in chewing the seeds or pound it into smaller pieces/powder form.

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