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Lately I have been crazily addicted to shopping online. While I have always been buying online, I have never really purchased a lot since we were still staying with my in-laws and space was an issue.

So when we finally moved(temporarily home), my shopping spree begun! And today my loot from iHerb reached my hands! Delivery took a week, which is reasonable. It’s my first time buying there. I saw lots of ads and read on forums before but never really looked at it. It’s plumonly when I chanced upon this Plum Organics Super Puffs (which is selling at S$4.38, Singapore retails around S$7+)¬†then I began to surf through the site. Baby E loves this snack!

It sells mainly organic stuff, supplements and health products. Ever since Baby E started on solids, I have become more health conscious and look more carefully at the make of the stuff she consumes. We can’t control what she eats outside, but at home I’ll try to give her the healthier choice. And so I gotten most of baby E food stuff there and my most anticipated item is this:

Nutiva virgin coconut oil


Coconut oil is said to have a great deal of benefits which includes fat loss, better brain function and various other amazing benefits.

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Not only can it be used in cooking, but you can also use it as a moisturizer, hair care and sunscreen!

And here comes the even better news for pregnant/nursing moms: Coconut oil increase the quality of the womb environment and breast milk! (Source: Yes, I’m still BF-ing. Attempts to switch to formula wasn’t very successful :/

And for those who read about my post – Milk Woes, will know about this Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea.


which I brought from Amazon(USD$8.73 for 3boxes). iHerb has it too, at a higher price(USD$4.95 for 1 box). But given that they have no minimum purchase (Amazon needs to spend US$125 and above to be eligible for free international shipping) and cost only S$4 shipping via SingPost, it’s much more convenient I would say. It’s still cheaper than buying in Singapore which I think retails around S$11. And if you are a first-time customer, apply this coupon code SRF579 to get US$5 off your purchase less than US$40 or US$10 off for purchases more than US$40!

And already I got 3 items in my cart, am now just waiting for them to restock this Fresh Baby, So Easy Storage Tray,


Which I saw selling online locally at S$29.90! Been wanting to get one to store baby food/soup stock etc and I love that this one has lids!

Hubby is so going to complain about my shopping obsession!

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