Milestones At 10.5 months

It’s been a while since my last post as baby E was down with a viral fever and it lasted for a week. It scared the wits out of me when her temperature went up to 39.5 degree.. Together with her two upper teeth that were budding out, she was even more grumpy than grumpy cat! After she recovered we went for a week of road trip to malaysia before daddy leaves Singapore for work again. After that she went for her vaccination and now things finally settled down abit.

Now she has 4 little teeth! Although the two on top is twice the size of the bottom ones! I thought that’s really funny and looking forward to how it will turn out!

At 10 and a half months old, baby E is babbling much more and makes more sounds other than “baba” and “mum mum”. Although things like “ball”, “bird”, “papa” all sound the same. Just like “milk milk”, “mama”, “mum mum” all sound the same. But she just continues to babble like she’s having a conversation with us! Quite a number of times when we ask her “where is (object)?”, she will actually look around and stare at the object or points at it. Her favorite is this super big koala bear which when we mention it, she will start looking around the room for it. And most of the times she will crawl towards it and hug the bear! Sometimes she just point at it or look at it but at least we know she understands us!

She has also learned to clap her hands, blow air bubbles, touch her head when we say “where’s her head?” and kiss(which she doesn’t always do tho). And pouts excessively especially when we say “no!” Hahah!

Now she takes two meals everyday or at least when we are home.

Breakfast – oat cereal+fruits+wheat germ+flax seeds
Lunch – brown rice porridge+meat+veg+egg
And in between she sometimes takes yogurt+fruits or just fruits.

She is able to feed herself using pincer grasp and as much as I wish to let her use spoon to self-feed, the aftermath is a major headache. But I let her play with an extra spoon and she has been trying to use it to scoop from the bowl!

She’s not walking yet although she’s standing very well now and able to walk with support.

Another 1.5 months and she will be 1! From a newborn to an infant and going to be a toddler soon!. I’m looking to wean her off breast milk after she’s 1. It’s gonna be tough and I hope we can pull through this.

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