Malaysia Road Trip Day 4 & 5: Malacca

Malacca, one of the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia with it’s rich historical and cultural background from previous Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. The city centre was also listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008.

It is also my favourite city in Malaysia, because it has the BEST CHENDOL.

Eating in Malacca

The best way to enjoy Malacca, is to eat! With so much great food, in close proximity, you can’t stop eating!

chendol in Malacca Jonker Walk
Snowy chendol at Jonker 88

I kid you not. Now that I look at the photos again, I miss Malacca’s chendol already. I can eat it everyday, 3 meals a day. It’s that good. And of course, Malacca is not just famous for their chendol.

There is also

Nyonya laksa from Jonker 88
Assam laksa from Jonker 88

Nyonya food, also one of their must-try cuisine. We found Jonker 88 along Jonker Walk, opened in the afternoon. Honestly, that was a life-saver. Can you imagine staying at Jonker street and no restaurants/eateries were opened in the daytime? And we didn’t find anything wrong with the crowd and queue, I mean, it’s the only eatery opened!

Now we know, it is quite a well-known Nyonya restaurant in Jonker Street.

And of course, the famous food to try in Malacca

No, those are not fishballs. They are chicken rice balls from Famosa Chicken Rice Stall

Chicken Rice Balls. So everyone been telling me, the chicken rice balls is a must-try when you go to Malacca. But, I think I still prefer my Yishun 925 Hainanese Chicken rice in Singapore. The queue is long, the rice ball is sticky, the chicken is normal. Overrated, in my opinion.

Jonker Street

No trip to Malacca is complete without a trip to Jonker Street. Filled with historical shophouses, you can find shops selling antiques, textiles, souvenirs, local snacks and handicrafts. It’s the heart of Malacca, where the bustling night market is (during weekends only). Along and nearby the street, you can find attractions like Temples, Galleries and Museums.

A museum
Christ Church Melaka
Christ Church Melaka
Malacca River
Malacca River

And of course, the weekend night market

Jonker street night market in Malacca
we were early at the night market
Jonker street night market in Malacca
waiting for customers
Jonker street night market in Malacca
Siew mai!
Jonker street night market in Malacca
and of course, lots of other handicrafts, accessories

After two days of indulging in chendols and nyonya food, it was time to head back to Singapore. Bye Chendol, I missed you already!

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