Malaysia Road Trip Day 2 & 3: Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia, and for good reasons too.

It is the highest region in Malaysia, housed the biggest tea plantation, has cool weather and farms growing strawberries and lavender!

It was an 4 hours drive from Port Dickson and before we reached our Strawberry Park Resorts, we passed by this nice little waterfall.

Waterfall at Cameron Highlands
Waterfall at Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is probably one of our favourite part of Malaysia. It’s so refreshing, simple and laid back.

Cameron Highlands
This view is so worth the 8 hours drive up north from Singapore


Brinchang is their main town area lined with many local eateries and restaurants. It is like our pasam malam (flea market) selling lots of souvenirs, street food, fresh produces and flowers from the local farms.

Flowers market on Cameron Highlands
Flowers market on Cameron Highlands

Strawberry Farms

The cooling weather in Cameron Highlands is great for growing strawberries. While it is not as sweet or big as Korea/Japan Strawberry but this is the nearest a strawberry farm can be. Baby E LOVES strawberries. I mean, is there anyone who don’t like it?!

Strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands
Strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands
fresh strawberries at Cameron Highlands
So fresh!

Their peak season is from May-August and most farms allows visitors to enter for strawberry picking. At 50-60 rm/KG, you can pluck a whole basket of strawberries, shiok or not?


Lavender Garden

Did you know Cameron Highlands has their own lavender garden?! I mean, I saw they grow alot of flowers, but lavender?

Lavender Farm at Cameron Highlands
Beautiful colours!

It’s not huge, so don’t expect the likes of those in Japan. It’s not free either, 5rm per adult and 3rm for children.

Lavender Garden at Cameron Highlands
But still, so prettyyyy!

We didn’t know about the farm as it just opened in 2013. And we were driving out of Cameron Highlands to our next destination, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Overall, it was a relaxing two days stopover at Cameron Highlands. Next to Malacca!

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