Malaysia Road Trip Day 1: Port Dickson

Lexi Port Dickson – View from our room

While Malaysia is so near to Singapore, there are still so many places we have yet to explore. Port Dickson is one of them. Our ultimate destination is Cameron Highlands and Malacca but with just one driver, it can get really tiring. So we put Port Dickson as a pit stop.

We stayed at the Sea Tower, which overlook the water chalets. It has a great view and the room is so huge!

We didn’t stay long in the room tho. Soon we made our way to this recommended Mexican Restaurant – El Cactus.

Nachos at El Cactus Port Dickson
Nachos at El Cactus Port Dickson

The nachos were great! But the services were soooooooo slowwwwwwwww. We were the only customers but still we waited for almost 45 minutes for our food? And don’t order non-Mexican food, as Daddy E had the most awful steak there. And we became food for the mosquitoes while waiting. Unless you really really craves for Mexican Food, I wouldn’t recommend going.

After a disappointing lunch, we tried to drive to Blue Lagoon. But GPS in Malaysia is not exactly the most accurate and it took us some asking around before we reach a sad-looking beach. I am quite sure it’s not the actual Blue Lagoon¬†with relatively good reviews.

After an exhausting day, we went back to the hotel as it will be another driving day to Cameron Highlands the next day.

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