Singkids @ Vivo City

It wasn’t planned, a trip to another playground so fast. But a friend has a package at Singkids which is expiring soon, so we thought we will spend our gathering at Vivo City where baby E can try out the playground.

Entrance to SingKids

It’s at a corner on level one. Which is just below the huge nursing room on level two at the outdoor water playground.

From outside, you’ll be immediately drawn by the colourful balloons flying all around this room. And it’s also baby E’s favorite. She keeps swinging her hands, jumping up and down, trying to catch the balloons. But the wind blowing was quite cold and she sneezed quite a few times inside.


Right outside is this tree-like swing which I don’t think is suitable for baby E. So we skipped that and went further in.


There’s this “merry-go-round” with seahorses. We put baby E on it and she spin along with it. Not very exciting and I don’t see other kids playing with it either.

“Spinning” seahorses

Then we tried this boat which rocks up and down. Initially I thought she will be scared but she was just confused for a while before she headed to the front of the boat to play with the “control buttons”. However after a while, I feel seasick and I carry her out lol.

“Rocking” boat

There is another room of flying balloons, but bigger balloons. However baby E doesn’t enjoy it as much maybe because the balloons are like 2-3 times her size and she refuses to let go of me. So I didn’t manage to take any photo of that.

Right next to the balloons area, is a bouncing castle with slide. It doesn’t really slide well but it definitely bounced well! I couldn’t manage to stand properly as a few kids jumped up and down and baby E was toppling all over the place. For fear she gets trampled by the jumping kids, I carried her out.

Bouncy corner

Finally I discover a toddler area under the bouncing castle with mini merry-go-round and blocks and empty space to crawl around. It’s not much but now for baby E, she likes it as long she can crawl around.

baby corner

It’s a different concept from the other playgrounds we have been to and although there is A cafe just opposite the playground, we much prefer it within the premise. And we don’t find this suitable for babies who are not too mobile, although she loves the flying balloons. Still, it’s a steep price to pay for her to play with balloons lol.

Singkids Playsystem

Off-peak, S$18 for two hours of play with one adult or guardian
Peak period, S$18 for one hour of play with one adult or guardian
Additional adult or guardian at S$4 per person

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