Peek-a-boo (Closed)

This is another indoor playground, located at Kallang Leisure Park. Not a place I’ll go normally but since they too, have free entrance for babies under 9 months old, I thought I’ll check it out before baby E is older than 9 months.

And what a bad choice it was!

Firstly, the mall itself is under renovation. Half of the shops were closed and the worse part? There is no nursing room! From my research online, it used to have one, before the renovation I guess.

IMG_5251 IMG_5243

Secondly, the playground itself is not well-kept. Scattered toys and such, I can understand. But missing mats revealing the dirt-filled floor, dirty mats and really old-looking toys, made me think twice about letting baby E to play there.

Thirdly, despite the renovation and the state of the place, there were quite a number of kids there. There was no clear distinction in the play areas and I had to constantly move with my baby to protect her from the rowdy older kids who were zooming around on the toy cars, banging into other toy vehicles intentionally, and kids who come over to take over toys that you are playing with.

I did let baby E play at the ball pit, the slide and the toy vehicles. But I was too busy looking after her and I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I brought her to Amazonia.

Honestly, I won’t go back there. Unless they make some great improvements. It’s not worth going even with free entrance for babies. I’m not expecting a lot for something that is free, but I think Amazonia is a much better choice.

Update: Baby E had a mini diarrhea the next say after her adventure at the playground. I’m sure it’s not the foods she had because she has been eating them for months. In fact, it’s the first time she has a diarrhea! So no, not going back there!!

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