Abbott Free Samples

As one of my previous post on Free Baby Diapers and Formula Milk Samples, I have signed up for all the free diapers and formula milk samples. Recently baby E reached 6 months and Abbott sent me this:

Freebies from Abbott

SO far Abbott is the only company that has followed up my request for free samples. Starting with sample milk powder for expectant mommies, with phone calls for feedback and survey, to this 6 month gifts for my little one. I would say a job well done for Abbott!

I did also received an email from Nestle Baby Club that a complimentary goodie bag would be sent to me. However after a month plus, I have yet to receive anything. I have feedback to them and now awaiting their response. As for the others (except for Frisco which is added recently), sad to say I have not receive anything from them.

To request for your free sample, go to this link or view other free samples you can request for those living in Singapore.

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