Milestones at 5th month

IMG_5048Baby E is 5 months now. Time goes by so quickly. From a helpless newborn, baby E is now capable of doing so many things. It never fail to amaze me how fast she learns and how much she grows each and everyday. Sometimes I feel emotional, thinking of how quickly she will grow up, go to school, make friends and eventually have her own life and family. How precious every moment is and I dread missing even one little milestone of hers.

She is now an expert in rolling and if we put her in a lying down position, she will always roll till she’s on her tummy. she laughs happily and giggles when I tickled her. She opens her eyes wide when she got surprised and laugh when she knows it’s just Daddy making a funny face. she loves grabbing things, from her blankie to her toys to Daddy’s nose. Almost everything she can reach with her mouth, will end up in her mouth. She brought so much joy and laughter to us, by doing these seemingly normal actions, yet every little thing she achieved, makes me feel so proud of her.

Baby E has started on solids, just 4 days ago. And she’s loving it! Her eyes go wide open with excitement and open her mouth widely as the spoon goes near, even when it’s the bowl that’s near her mouth lol. However she has not been pooping since then and while it is perfectly normal when she was on BM only, now I am not sure if it is because she is having a hard time digesting the cereal that we are feeding her.

We brought this Oatmeal Cereal from Cold Storage and followed the instructions as stated: 1 tsp of cereal with 4-5 tsp of BM/water or purified water.


Daddy loves feeding her and we love watching how messy she gets.

I do not know if it’s the effect of eating solids or it’s just about that timing, baby E is now able to sit unassisted just 2 days into solids. She will still wobbled and toppled if she loses her balance but she is capable to lifting both her hands up and wave excitedly while sitting down.

Almost every day is filled with surprises and every month there will be something new to look forward to. I love baby E.

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