Bottle battle

It was when baby E was 2 and a half months old that she started refusing bottle-feeding. After plenty of tries and crying and tantrums threw. We stopped trying and simply bring her everywhere that we go and let her latch.

Although we never bottle-feed her for the past two months but we still let her drink water occasionally from the bottle. She doesn’t really drink, she will bite the teat and play it like a teething toy. However I can see acceptance from her sometimes I swear I could see her swallowing the water from the bottle.

Then two days back, feeling adventurous, I decided to pump some milk out and let her try bottle-feeding again. It begun the same way, crying and pushing the teat out of her mouth with her tongue. But now being used to her cries and tantrums, I simply keep pushing the bottle in and after around 5 minutes, baby E started sucking! Before I can register that, she finished the one ounce of milk in the bottle!

It’s like D Day for me. LOL!

Ever since that I have been giving her bottle once every morning. To let her remember bottle-feeding, and still latch on at the same time. And it works. She now shows excitement when I swing her milk bottle in front of her and she will anxiously try to grab the bottle. And cried impatiently when she can’t grab it.

Honestly I am still unsure what happened. But I guess sometimes we just have to keep trying. Babies have really short memory, what she doesn’t like now doesn’t mean forever. And I am really glad I decided to let her try bottle that day, or my cute comotomo bottles will be so wasted collecting dust haha!

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