Lamb Chops

I have never cooked before. The most cooking I did would be instant noodles/porridge. Add in an egg with some veg and tada!

Ever since I got married, although hubby doesn’t spell it out but I know he would love to have me try my hands in cooking. And the chance came when his family went to USA for their family vacation and I get to use their kitchen!

Hubby’s been talking this lamb chop that we once had at a friend’s house warming. Which I always say that was easy to cook. And so we went grocery shopping to begin my cooking journey!

And this is what we ate for dinner, rosemary lamp chop with potatoes scallop salad!



Ok, that’s not entirely true.

That picture is like the 4th attempt which I think I finally got the idea how a lamb chop should be cooked. The previous 3 times, the external looks charred but raw inside. But this time, I finally got it as good as it looks on the outside! Add some black pepper fried potatoes, scallops, mushrooms and chopped asparagus and it’s one meal down!

Honestly it’s rather yummy. I thought cooking is quite fun! But I just don’t like the aftermath of cooking – washing the pans and dishes. Luckily hubby always volunteered to wash the plates after I cooked as appreciation of what I done!

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