Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

Baby has a new stroller!

We have finally decided to buy a stroller for our little girl. Although our Babybjorn carrier has done a great job so far, we wanted to be able to go out and put down our baby and have a decent dinner together. And so we went to Baby Hyperstore at 69 Kaki Bukit to take a look.

It consists of 3 levels. 1st level selling miscellaneous baby products, 2nd and 3rd level is their showroom for strollers. We went to the 2nd level and we’re immediately awe by the variety of strollers there! We took a walk and this stylish stroller caught both of our attention immediately. It’s a Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.


The salesperson explain the various functions, how to operate etc. It’s a new series by Quinny and unlike it predecessor, you do not need to take out the seat to fold it. Folding takes 4 steps. First you hold the button on the left, then right, fold down the seat then fold the handle. Lastly unlatch the bottom knob to “flatten” the stroller. It’s not as intuitive and requires quite a few steps but that does not really affect our decision. A stroller was never meant to be totally fuss free. Even if it only requires one button to keep, you will still need two person, else who is going to carry the baby? There’s forward and rearward setting so baby can either face us or face outwards which was one of our key consideration. We put baby E in and “test drive” it. It’s highly maneuverable and lightweight. The one in pink is gorgeous, we are in love! Without much persuasion, we paid on the spot and happily wheeled our little princess out in her pretty pink stroller.



It comes with a red cushion (as seen in the picture above) and raincover. And did I say it already, I love it in pink! Some people would choose a more neutral color so if their next baby is a boy they can use it as well. Well, a good news is this model sells the seat cover so you can always change the colour of your stroller according to your preference! But of course at a hefty price at S$100+.

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