Flu Baby

Baby E is down with flu. And she got it from her mummy, who got it from her daddy. 🙁 it doesn’t help that it has been raining for the past few days and she probably caught a cold on top of the germs lurking in the house.

I was recovering when little Baby E started sneezing and coughing. After a visit to her pd, she got medicine for her cold/cough, nasal congestion and fever (just in case). She also weighted a whopping 6.4kg at 3.5 months! But I’m pretty sure she has lost some of that weight these few days. 🙁

One may thought a flu is really common. But watching her with mucus flowing down her nose while she look innocently at me, oblivious to the mess. And trying to cough out the irritating mucus stuck at her throat in vain, just makes me feel heartache. It also disturb her sleep as we decided to sleep without the air con on so she won’t get too cold, and she was perspiring in the middle of the night, it didn’t help that she was coughing more often at night too.

So besides the medicine, we have been trying to help her “suck” out her mucus using a nasal bulb syringe which has proven to be one of the best buy we got for little Baby E. It could be the sensitive nose she inherited from me, or dust or allergy, she often gets phlegm in her nose and we will help her to clean her nose regularly.

Hopefully she will get well soon!

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