3 months old!

Baby E is 3 months old now! Time truly flies and I can’t seems to remember how she feels like when she was just a newborn! Now weighting at 5.8kg, she definitely has grown up!

It’s amazing how much she has grown, so much so that a moment not being with her makes me feel like I’m missing out an important part of her growing up. Not that I can stay away from her either as she is still refusing to take a bottle. And I have kinda give up as watching her struggle with the bottle ain’t a pretty sight.

Now at 3 months, she much prefers to sit up than lying on the bed. I guess that’s because she can see more things rather than just the boring ceiling. She also loves standing on my belly as I support her, smiling broadly and squealing in ecstasy. Or maybe it’s my face she’s laughing at. -.-

And I love how she smiles when she see me smiling at her. It warms my heart knowing that she does recognize me and her eyes tends to follow me whether I’m packing the room or even when she’s in someone else’s arms.

Every moment is so precious.

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