Ultimate Hawker Fest!

Just last saturday, me and hubby brought baby E to the UHF (Ultimate Hawker Fest) at Millenia Walk as hubby been craving for local foodies since he came back from his 4 weeks of offshore attachment. So when I heard of this, I thought I must bring him to go!

We reached before the event started and being the kiasu Singaporean, we started queuing. I queued for City’s Satay Pork Belly satays while hubby went to queue for Fatty Cheong’s roasted pork/duck. And I am glad we queued early! I was second in line and when I looked back, the queue is already 3-4 stalls long!


IMG_4397Honestly, they are sinfully good! The pork belly satay is especially juicy and although sinful, I still can’t stop myself from reaching for a second, third and forth!

And the roasted meat was very good too! And for $30, I must say it’s more worth it than the 10 pork belly satays. As we were finishing the food, baby E started fussing around. I thought it’s probably her feeding time, so I went to the nursing room and started feeding her. Within 5 minutes, she pooped and my, I can hear alot of poop. -_- Worse thing was, I left everything with hubby and I had to carry my baby in a poop-filled diaper to find my hubby who was queuing for oyster omelette.

It was not the first time we brought her out, but I guess it’s the first time she pooped outside. Luckily that did not spoil my appetite. After oyster omelette (which was kinda disappointing), we queued for chendol and handmade muah chee. The chendol was inside a small coconut husk with a scoop of udders ice cream. It was refreshingly good! The only issue I have would be that the ice melted too fast! The muah chee was chewy and not sticky, and I love the fragrance of the peanuts!

Baby E was very cooperative other than the poop she had, most of the times she simply looked around curiously or fall asleep inside her carrier.


After all the sinful food, we went to buy drinks to quench our thirst while we waited for our tu tu kueh. We took a queue number and supposedly we can go back to collect in 25-30 minutes. But after 30 minutes, the queue was still long as there were only 2 steamers, they can only make 6 tu tu kueh at a time which is just 1 packet. I stood there and waited for at least another 20 minutes before I get my tu tu kueh. I wasn’t very happy about it but looking at the workers working tirelessly and trying to explain things to the customers, I just stood there waiting quietly.

Finally we got our tu tu kueh and we spent our last S$20 coupon for durians puffs to bring back for hubby’s family. All in all, it was a very filling event and hubby was very happy and as all proceeds will support over 28,000 beneficiaries of TOUCH Community Services, we do think it’s money well spent!



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