First Baby Spa!

Unlike other babies that I heard of, baby E doesn’t like bathing very much. Often she will grab necklaces/hair/clothes of the person bathing her, clutching her fists tightly and cries till she goes red in the face. It could be due to fear or insecurity. And so hubby and I decided to bring her for BabySPA at Changi City Point in the hope that it can help her overcome this.

Their first time trial is at $38 which comes with a free swim diaper. When we reached there, she was sound asleep and we tried to wake her up “gently” as waking her up usually gives a grouchy baby. I fed her for a bit before that and after a warm up exercise from the friendly staff there, she was ready to go for her first swim!

The water was lukewarm and the staff slowly placed her down with her feets feeling the water first. After a while she was in the tub! While she was still clutching her fists fiercely, she didn’t cry and was slowly moving her legs around in the water.


And soon she was moving around freely and though not smiling but I can see she is amused by this newfound ability to turn and move swiftly and her fists slowly opening up to balance herself and move in various direction.

All in all it was an enjoyable session, not just for our little girl but for us as well. So hubby signed her up for a package which has 10 sessions with 5pcs of swim diapers at S$290. And after that she was very exhausted! Only waking up for milk and fall quickly back to slumber. And more importantly she doesn’t seems to hate bathing as much now! Although still clutching her fists but she enjoys the water more now and moving her legs as if she was swimming makes her smile in delight! Can’t wait for her next BabySPA session. 🙂


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