Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today also marks the first time I bring baby out by self using Babybjorn carrier! Although it’s just a short trip to my eldest sister place but already I feel accomplished :p

Baby E loves her Babybjorn carrier, whenever I put her in she will sleep all the way through till we reach our destination! And it freed my hands for other things. Pretty good when I bring her out by myself!

It’s her first trip to my eldest sister place and my second sister even brought along her bouncer so that Baby E can rest. It wasn’t easy to place baby in the carrier by myself but eventually she got in and fell asleep almost immediately. Although it feels tight but I guess babies loves to be wrapped and hold tightly. When I reached, she was still sleeping and wakes up when I tried to place her on the bouncer. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a unfamiliar environment or the people, she got rather fussy and began crying. But after a while she got used to it and started playing and smiling again.

And so it ends her first Mid-Autumn Festival. Hopefully next year hubby will be able to join us!

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