First month

Little Baby E is 1 month old today!

This is definitely one of the longest 1 month ever! All the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, anxieties and depression. Yet once you get past all these, this one month has passed too fast and my little princess has already grown different from how she first came out from my tummy.

Now she is a fussy little milk monster! Demanding milk every 2-3 hours and nothing can stops her from drinking her milk! But she also gotten more alert and spend time surveying her surroundings. I love it when she looks at me when I talk to her, her big eyes seems to understand what I am saying, until she starts crying the next moment. -_-

Since the first day we tried placing her in her bassinet to sleep and it worked out well. Until I learnt to let her latch on while lying down and since then she has been co-sleeping with us. Despite all the experts advice against co-sleeping, I thought it is much easier to feed her at night and let her snooze off to sleep. And being a light sleeper, I wake up at her little turns and winces so the risk of her getting SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is lower I guess.

As I breastfeed her exclusively, it has been a very trying and stressful time for me. New to all these, I constantly worry that she is not getting enough milk, is she gaining weight, how can I produce more to feed her and pump for storage? And so many times I feel tempted to feed her formula milk, especially when people around me keep asking if I want to start feeding formula milk.

But thankfully hubby has been very supportive and pulled me out of depression when our little one seems constantly hungry/crying. And I’m proud to say baby E gained almost a kg since she got discharged! 🙂 and I love the bonding with her, it’s something so special and precious that not something formula can bring. Though sometimes it saddens me to think that when she grows up, she won’t remember any of these, it will still mean something special to me.

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