Little gem

IMG_4019My little princess has been born! It all happened on the midnight of 31st July. Contractions started coming in and I endured  for 3 hours (in case it’s a false alarm) before my hubby and I made our way to Gleneagles. When we reached, it was 8am and I was 2cm dilated. Lying down on the bed in the labour room feels unreal, my baby is really coming!

At 4.02pm, I finally heard the first cries of my little princess. The scene you see from drama/movies, that a baby appear and started crying, is real. Although exhausted, I still get to hug my little baby before they pushed her to the nursery for inspection and cleanup.

It was a few hours later before they pushed her to my room, which is already crowded with relatives. It wasn’t until later around 9+ that me and hubby get to be alone with our little girl. She is so beautiful and it’s then I know, my life has changed forever.

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