Gleneagles Hospital Tour

Today we went for the hospital tour at Gleneagles Hospital. It’s the place where I will be delivering, not by choice though. As my Gynae only delivers there.

We went in the afternoon, and the person in charge was really friendly and guided us through the various rooms and costings. Gleneagles has a choice of Double room, Single room, Superior Room, Executive Deluxe and Tanglin Suite. With Tanglin Suite going close to 20K for C-section, it’s no wonder people around me keep saying how expensive Gleneagles is.

We are opting for the Single Room, which is in fact almost the same price as other private hospitals. We opt for the Single Room so that hubby can stay overnight with me. Other than the furnishings, it’s similar to their Superior and Executive rooms. Overall, the environment is  good and quiet, with the windows facing their garden area. I like it that they placed the baby’s and mummy’s comfort above all. They also have a complimentary parentcraft lesson during your stay there and parking access plus a limousine to send you home after delivery!  Also I heard that their confinement food is pretty good, so I guess that should help ease the pains after delivery.

After the tour, we went for checkup at my Gynae’s office in Gleneagles. I gained 1.5kg since my last checkup (4 weeks ago) and 1 kg goes to my little girl who is now 2.75kg at week 34. That explains my dragging feet and aching back!

As I have been getting cramps more often, my Gynae increased my dosage of calcium. And also to start counting the kicks of the baby. On a 12 hours basis, she should at least kick/move 10 rounds, which I find that hard to achieve because she is such an active girl and could move up to 10-15 minutes or even longer sometimes. And so my Gynae entrust my little girl to my motherly instincts. As long as she’s moving around, I guess it means she is good. 🙂


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