My Qoo10 purchases

Shopping for baby stuff gets more and more fun, especially with a baby girl! I find it hard to resist all the adorable designs available. And I was browsing on Qoo10 for nursing bras, I came across this store that sells really cute and cheap baby bibs! I read the rave reviews and decided to buy some and they arrived today!

Qoo10 purchases - baby bibs
Qoo10 purchases – baby bibs

What I like about it is not just that the designs are adorable, it has a PVC lining in the center while the outer layers are cotton. And for 3 adorable, waterproof bibs, I only paid $6.10 (including shipping)! So I am quite a happy buyer. 🙂

Qoo10 purchases - onesies
Qoo10 purchases – onesies

Another purchase I made is this, baby rompers from this store. S$11.90 for a pack of 5 rompers! Material is thinner than I thought but quite comfy. But with Singapore’s unbearable hot weather most of the time, I don’t really mind the material being thin.

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