Baby kickings

From when I was at week 20, I could feel vague motions from my baby. Initially they feel like bad digestion with my stomach churning, but after a while I realised that it’s really my baby moving. And since then, she feels more and more real to me as the kicks get stronger and hiccups occur more often. And nowadays she is like a mini boxer – turning, kicking and just rumbling around as if she is digging for treasure inside me.

And then yesterday, suddenly I don’t feel her movements much. There were small tingles here and there, but nothing like the usual rumbling around, hiccups, nor the powerful kicks she gives once in a while.

I felt lost. While I was trying to convince myself that it’s normal, she doesn’t have to move vigorously every moment, I still felt uneasy. Now I fully understand why parents always worry. Although the little tingles assured me that she is fine but I just feel uneasy. I voiced that out to my hubby and he got anxious as well and went to read up on it. With mixed opinions from all over the internet, we decided to wait till the next day and see if she is still so quiet. And so I went to bed feeling confused.

And today, as if making up for the quiet times yesterday, she’s on a roll! But man, am I glad that she is. 🙂

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