Motherhood Fair 2013

Being a mummy is more exciting than I thought! All the shopping to be done and with so many choices, how does everyone cope?

As there was a Motherhood Fair at Singapore Expo over the weekend, hubby and I went shopping with absolutely no idea what to get. We didn’t end up with a lot of buys but at least we have a much better idea of what do we need or what to get.

We did sign up for Cordlife for our unborn baby and brought PruGift from Prudential though. We decided to get Cordlife as a form of protection for our baby, which will stored her cord stem up to when she is 21 years old . There was a 15% discount at the fair for Cordlife and a S$150 Capitaland vouchers which will be really useful when we shop for other baby stuff! Plus we can pay via CDA (Child Development Account) which is good too since we be having our baby bonus of up to S$6000 for our first baby.

We also brought a baby mattress which will fit in nicely on our built-in shelves next to our bed. As we are still staying with his parents, our room has limited space and we decided not to get a baby cot which will make our already small room with no walking space. Will take pictures once we set it up, our room is in a mess now.

At the exhibition, we saw vendors promoting cloth diapers, mainly BumwearMoo Moo Kow and Charlie Banana. I read about them online but was still hesitant about the convenience of using one. But seeing how the actual products works and being able to feel the material made us even more convinced that we want to try using cloth diapers for the comfort of our baby. Among the 3 brands at the fair, we decided to go with Charlie Banana, which we feel the material is softer and more comfy compared to the other two. It feels more bulky tho which I hope means that it will be more absorbent! We didn’t get from the MotherHood Fair, as they do not have the Princess set which I saw online. The only colours they were left with were the Primary colours and the Camouflage set which are not suitable for my baby girl.


These will look ugly on my baby girl 🙁 So I am still looking alternatives online.

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