Week 27

Baby girl is now 991g, a whopping 500g increase from my last appointment (4 weeks ago) and I gained 4.5kg together with her. While I got a shock, my Gynae seems very pleased that she’s growing so fast and so active. (Baby girl was kicking when my gynae was doing the scan)

3 more months to go before I see my little girl and my feelings are kinda mixed. I can’t wait to see her sooner (and feel “light” sooner) but also dread the seemingly endless sleepless nights of diapers and feeding, as all my mummy friends warned me. ¬†Despite being 27 weeks pregnant, I still feel very clueless and many times still unsure about my little growing baby inside me. With my hubby away and being alone most of the time, my little girl constantly let her presence be felt and sometimes I wonder if she knows what or how I am feeling and decided to let me know I am not all alone.

Most days I just want to laze around and maybe it’s an excuse or maybe expectant mothers all felt the same, but I just don’t feel the energy to do most of the things I used to love to do. Shopping has become a chore, walking around the crowded shopping centers is not exactly something I enjoy now. Sitting at a cafe sure beats walking, but sitting for too long makes me tired and my legs cramped more often too. Sleeping, nah I have been sleeping too much. Chatting with friends of course still helps, but as we get older, the topics has slowly transit into homes, furnishing, babies, household products and even bugs in the house. Knowledge is good, but well, I only know about so many different vacuum cleaners. And I can’t run, cycle, swim (can’t fit my swimwear anymore and don’t feel comfortable in a bikini), take photos (can’t squat too much or take from all sort of weird angles now) nor travel. So my choices are really limited.

Ahh, I can’t wait for my little girl to be born.

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