Baby C

Today at 18:22, in a midst of panic, Baby C came into this world. Weighting at 3.1kg and a body length of 51cm. Lying on the bed, I could hear her crying, but everyone was bustling around me, trying to keep me awake. For if I lose consciousness, I may need an operation.

It was 7am, and we were all packed and ready to head to the hospital. Sending Baby E to school first, then we drove to TMC. We registered and then headed to the delivery suites. It was a busy day and the nurses were all very busy, leaving us standing around waiting to be assigned a bed.

We were advised to induce our 38 weeks old baby as the last scan shows her at 3.4kg. Being petite, and a history of a huge first baby at 3.58kg, our gynae was worried this will be a huge baby too. I was already dilated at 2cm since a week ago, so we decided to let Baby C come to this world earlier.

At 9+, our doc broke my waterbag and the waiting game starts. The contraction didn’t start coming in until I was almost an hour into the drip. By the time I was pushed into the labour ward, the contractions were coming in fast and furious and it was already 1pm. But I was only 3cm dilated, so I opted for epidural.

An hour later, I was already 8cm dilated. And thanks to the effect of epidural, I felt almost no pain of the contractions. At 4+, I was fully dilated, but my gynae was busy with another mummy. It wasn’t until 5+ then the midwife came in, and asked me to try pushing.

We tried two times, and suddenly the midwife stopped and said I was swollen. She went out to find my doc and when she came back, I could see her face was stunned. Apparently my vagina area was swelling and getting bigger and bigger. Finally my doc came and he got a shock when he came in. Concluding that it was a internal burst blood vessel, he cut the swollen part to let the blood out and proceed to pushing.

As I was losing a lot of blood, we had to push fast and everyone was on my tummy helping me to push baby out. She was out within 3 pushes but I was losing steam. It could be due to the sudden loss of so much blood, I could barely keep my eyes open. While I can hear them shouting at me, asking me to stay awake, I was struggling and wanted no more to just sleep. And as if losing blood wasn’t bad enough, I started feeling nauseous and vomited and also started having chest pain.

After what felt like eternity, my doc has managed to stop the bleeding and stitched it up. By then I was exhausted and totally drained. So much so I couldn’t let Baby E see me in that state (she was already waiting in hospital), and went back sad that she didn’t get to see mummy.

So Baby C, always remember, mummy has risked her life to deliver you. Please be healthy and strong, and listen to Daddy Mummy ok?

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