Bangkok Day 2: Kidzania | Rod Fai Night Market 2

Things to prepare:

  • Sling pouch to keep kidzos

Kidzania Bangkok
Weekdays 10.00am – 5.00pm | Weekend and Holidays 10.30am – 8.30pm | 5th floor of Siam Paragon | website

It’s Kidzania time! It’s Baby E first time as she is only 3.5yo and Kidzania Singapore feels too expensive. Baby E is 3.5yo, but to make sure she gets to enjoy most of the stations in Kidzania, I brought her the 4yo ticket. I brought the tickets online from this website Hotels2Bangkok. I know, it looks totally like a scam site, but it is not. They have the cheapest rate for Kidzania I can find online, at S$24 for the 4-14 yo tickets (official site is selling at 900 baht (S$36) for weekdays and 15% off if you buy online, so is 765 baht (S$30.6)). It’s almost 50% cheaper than Kidzania Singapore! It takes around 24 hours to get the confirmation letter, so do book in advance as you will need the printed voucher to redeem.

Kidzania Bangkok is located at Siam Paragon, top level. It opens at 10am, so do get your breakfast and be prepared to spend at least 4-6 hours here. Redemption was easy, skipping the traditional queues and got ushered in quickly.

Once inside, we were kinda lost. It’s our first time and while we know we need to get to the bank, it’s not the first thing we see when we were inside. In fact, it’s located at the far end inside the city so we got to ask around initially.


Kidzania Bank
Once Baby E got her kidzos, we saw someone with a handful of sling pouches. Initially we thought it was free, for the kids to put their kidzos. But of course, nothing is for free in this world and it cost us 200 baht. So, parents, can prepare a pouch for your kid(s) to keep their kidzos and save the 200 baht haha.

Right opposite the bank is the Fire Station, which I have read numerous reviews about how awesome it is. So to warm up my shy Baby E, we let her go to that station first. She was lost and confused initially, especially when we were not allowed in, just looking from outside through the windows. But nobody can say no to a ride on the Fire Engine around Kidzania! So they went on the Fire Engine which took them to the fire scene and they get to control the water pump and put out the fire. Pretty convincing! And easy enough, even for my 3.5yo girl.

The Fire Department in Kidzania Bangkok
Awaiting instructions
Kidzania Bangkok
Time to put out fire!
Kidzania Bangkok
Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

So now that my girl knows how it works, goes around excitedly to find jobs. I can’t compare to Kidzania Singapore since I haven’t been there, but it really has a lot of jobs. Even small ones like a farmer, has unexpected twist of fun to it e.g. harvesting the tomatoes and pushing the harvest on a trolley to the ketchup factory.

Kidzania Bangkok
Want to be a farmer?
Kidzania Bangkok
Little tomatoes pickers
Kidzania Bangkok
Time to sell your tomatoes

We went on a Friday and it was relatively quiet. Most stations has no queues and we were able to finish most jobs within 30 minutes, which means Baby E has more time to try more stations. By lunchtime, I was looking for MacDonald’s on the map provided. We brought Baby E over and it’s a station that requires you to pay kidzos instead of paying you for working. So she paid 15 kidzos there, and was instructed to prepare a burger using the ingredients provided. And that became her lunch haha! At around 3+, Baby E was tired out from all the jobs and was ready to concuss haha.

So it is worth going?

For half the price of Singapore, I think it is definitely worth it. Depending on the age of your kids, they can easily spend half a day here. And if your kids are old enough, you can go shopping at Siam area while your kids have fun. 🙂

We chilled out at a cafe in Siam Paragon as Baby E naps. With a kid in toll, quiet moments are necessary, also for the parents to recharge. So do cater time, to chill. 🙂

Rod Fai Night Market 2
Thursday-Sunday | 17:00-24:00 | Ratcadaphisek Road (close to Esplanade Shopping Mall)

The original Rod Fai Night Market is in Srinakarin which is much further away. So we decided to go to the one at Ratchada instead. And once we were there, we settled for seafood at the very first stall we saw!

Rod Fai Night market bangkok
Big pot of seafood

All these for less than 1000 baht! Just nice for 4 person! After a filling dinner, we began to explore the night market. Again, the stalls are neatly organised into food sections and shops. I guess this is the new trend. As we were quite full, we did not buy much food but took lots of photos instead.

Mini strawberries in Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok
Is strawberry in season already? Mini strawberries everywhere in Bangkok
exotic food in Rod Fai Night market Bangkok
Fried insects…
oyster omelette
The not-so-good oyster omelette. Yes, we tried!
Sashimi at night market
Sashimi at night market
Grilled food

This market is much bigger than Talad Neon and much more variety and definitely much more crowded. The shops has a greater variety too.

Not much photos as I was busy shopping, haha!

So is it worth going?

For the experience, yes. And for cheap seafood. Do try to head there earlier to avoid the crazy jam in Bangkok, or opt for public transport.

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