Koh Fah’s Weekend Market @ Kranji

Being an eastern, a journey to the west is like going to Malaysia! But today we decided to skip our cooling shopping malls for the Koh Fah’s Weekend Market at kranji!

It’s bright and sunny, a perfect day for a drive down the road to 18 Sungei Tengah. Operated by Kok Fah Technology Farm, it’s a retail outlet that only opens during weekends and public holidays. It’s veggies are fresh, no more than 3 hours from the moment they were harvested!

Koh Fah's weekend market
Koh Fah’s weekend market

Koh Fah's weekend market   Koh Fah's weekend market
Koh Fah's weekend market  And prices are reasonable. We brought a bunch of bananas (small just nice for baby E), onions, tomatoes, corns, limes and mushrooms, all for less than S$12!
It was not crowded when we reach at around 11am. A pleasant difference as almost everywhere in Singapore is crowded!

Daddy picked up the groceries while I brought baby E around. It’s pretty small, with a few cages with birds, rooster, guinea pigs and koi ponds.

Koh Fah's weekend market - Parrots  Koh Fah's weekend market - Parrot
Koh Fah's weekend market - Rooster  Koh Fah's weekend market - aloe vera
Koh Fah's weekend market
The most fun part has got to be the feeding of the fishes. At 50cents a packet, baby E spent a good 10-15minutes feeding the baby kois in the pond.

Koh Fah's weekend market - koi pond
Koi Pond
Koh Fah's weekend market - Koi Pond
Feeding the kois


Overall, it’s a refreshing day out. Different from the usual city life, shopping malls and man-made playgrounds.

Weekend Farm
18 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698974
Tel : 6765 6629 Fax : 6765 6619
Free admission
Open on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday, 
9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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