The Ultimate List of Free Baby Diapers, Formula Milk Samples and Goodies for your newborn!

When I first received free baby diaper at a Motherhood fair, I was overjoyed as freebies is not exactly common in Singapore. But when I googled online, I realised I must have been living under a rock! Not only can you request for free baby diapers, you can also find free maternal milk samples, formula milk samples and even pregnancy gift pack!

So here I have compiled them below for new mommies like me! Here is a list of free baby diapers you can request for if you are staying in Singapore:

Note: I have to state that the information below is on where and who you can request samples from. I do not help to request nor do I provide free samples!

(Last updated on 4th April 2018)

Free Baby Diapers

1. Drypers – Fill in a form to receive free samples.

2. Huggies – Join their Huggies Club to receive free samples.

3. Goo.N  – This website has stopped giving out samples

4. Nepia Baby (not free) – Sold out

5. Merries 

6. Bosomi

7. Fitti / Pet Pet – Contact +65 6861 9155 or email

8. Sensi baby diapers – Contact +65 6100 3427 or email . Read reviews here.

Free Maternal/Formula Milk samples

Do note that if you request before your baby is born you will receive maternal milk sample. As formula milk companies abide by World Health Organisation’s (WHO)  recommendation that babies should be breastfeed for the first 6 months. Hence formula milk is actually not encouraged. Stage 2 milk samples will usually be sent after your baby turns 6 months old.

1. Dumex Mamil

2. Abbott Similac

3. Mead Johnson EnfaMama

4. Wyeth Nutrition S26

5. Friso (Thanks to our reader who left a comment!)

6. Karihome

7. Anmum

8. Aptamil

9. EinMilk – Made in Singapore Formula Milk

10. Nature One Dairy

Baby/Parents Club, Pregnancy Gift packs and other baby bundles

1. Dumex Pregnancy Gift Pack

Dumex Mamil Free Pregnancy Gift Pack Dumex Mamil Free Pregnancy Gift Pack

2. Abbott Family

Similac Mum Free Milk Sample Similac Mum Free Milk Sample

3. NestleBaby Club

Nestle Baby Club goodies Nestle Baby Club goodies

4. NTUC Good Start Bundle

All families with Singapore citizen babies born between 2016 and 2019 are eligible to receive the Good Start Bundle goodies!

5. National Library Baby Gift Pack

Register your baby (born from 2016 onwards) as a library member, borrow 6 books from the library and redeem a baby gift pack!

Insurance-linked Baby Freebies

These gift packs are linked to various insurance companies and while the gifts are free, you will be required to sit down with an insurance agent to learn more about their policies. If you are keen on getting an insurance for your young one, then these are great to learn more of the options available and score some freebies at the same time!

  1. SG Baby Club Welcome Gift Pack
  2. Cradle of Love Goodie Bag
  3. Mighty Sprouts
  4. Half Half Parenting
  5. Parent Step by Step
  6. Threelittlewords
  8. Little Bright Twinkle
  9. Mini Miracles

Know of any other freebies? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Hi Michelle,

      Congrats on your little one! However this is just a list of where you can request for free samples for diapers and milk powder. It does not help you to request from the various companies. Requesting usually just means filling in a form so it’s really easy!

      Hope this helps!


  1. My delivery date on dec i would like have free new born baby merries diapers and mead johnson milks sample.

  2. Please send me some baby free samples like milk wipes daipers anything thank you my address is 7959 Plummer rd.Jacksonville Florida 32219

  3. Hi,

    Good day.

    I’d like to request for new born baby diapers drypers, Goo.N and Nepia Baby as well as milk samples for the above said for both pregnant woman and new born baby’s milk.


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