Day Trip to Singapore Zoo

No childhood is complete without a visit to the Zoo. Singapore Zoo is one of the top-rated zoo in the world and I can’t say enough how proud I am. Not because it is one of the best zoo in Asia nor the variety of animals that you get to see. But because you know the animals are well-cared for, and our zookeepers really love their animals. I still remember how the passing of our iconic Ah Meng in 2008 and when our beloved Inuka left us for a better place, has left the country mourning.

It is the one Zoo, I am certainly excited to bring my kids to, because they get to see the kind of respect that animals deserves, despite being in a Zoo and not in the wild. So when Baby E asked to go to the Zoo, we happily obliged.

Singapore Zoo is not huge, compared to some other zoos in Asia. But there are plenty of shows and activities always going on! Read on for our day adventures on how to best enjoy your day in the Zoo.

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife

As it is Baby E’s birthday, we decided to indulge her with a Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife! It is a unique way of getting your day started at the Zoo, with an international buffet spread, and getting up close with their star animal: the Orangutans.

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife
Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife

This event happens daily from 9.00am to 10.30am at the Ah Meng Terrace. The star animals will appear from 9.30am – 10.00am and guests may queue up to have their photo taken with them. To be honest It was rather disappointing as we were half expecting to be sitting next to the animals. But we arrived late and did not make a reservation as we were not confident we can reach on time. Hence as you can see from the photos, we were seated rather away from where the animals were.

The buffet spread was alright, from western to chinese style. There are cereals, pastries and fruits suitable for children. We particularly love the vegetarian mee hoon! See the full menu here.

After filling our tummies, it was time to begin our adventures with the animals!

Splash Safari Show

Our first stop is Splash Safari Show. Which starred their intelligent sea lion for a splashing (and possibly wet) time! The showtimes are 10.30am and 5pm daily. If you do not know, sea lions are extremely intelligent and Baby E was so fanscinated with all the tricks it can perform!

Splash Safari Show
Splash Safari Show

After the show there was a photo-taking session with the sea lion, and I will highly recommend you to sit near the right side of the stage if you want to get in queue faster 🙂

Orangutans Feeding

Next, we head towards the Free Ranging Orangutan Island for the feeding of Bornean orangutans. However the orangutans wasn’t cooperating that day and refuse to come down from their ropewalk! It was quite a funny sight when the zoo keeper threatened to run away with her baby if she doesn’t come down, but still she refused to budge!

So the zoo keeper had no choice but to throw their food up at where they were hanging and stretching their hands out for food.

Hanging orangutans catching the food that the zoo keeper was throwing up
Hanging orangutans catching the food that the zoo keeper was throwing up

Elephant Presentation Show

Next we went to the Elephant Presentation Show that happens at 11.30am and 3.30pm daily. Both Baby E and mummy loves elephants! They are such gentle and intelligent animals. The presentation is more of learning about elephants, their ability to find food and how the zoo keepers ensure they are healthy.

After the presentation, visitors can purchase a S$5 fruit basket to feed the elephants. Nothing makes my kid happier than being able to feed one of her favourite animals! We went on to see other animals and when we passed by Inuka’s empty den and Baby E started saying she wants to see the polar bear, it made us felt really sad. Both me and Daddy E grew up with her having always been a part of the star attraction in Singapore Zoo and it just felt something is missing.

Pygmy Hippo @ Singapore Zoo
Pygmy Hippo
White Tigers @ Singapore Zoo
White Tigers

As we were only planning to spend half a day here, we tried to catch all the shows and animal feeding timings to make it more interesting and interactive for Baby E. While we didn’t get to see everything, it makes for something to return to the next time. And so we ended our day at the zoo with yet one of our favourite animals, the giraffes.

Giraffe Feeding
Giraffe Feeding at S$5/cup

Giraffe Feeding is popular and there was already a queue when we passed by at 1.30pm. So we decided to join in although the feeding was still 20 minutes away. And thankfully we did, as they were soon out of fruit cups to distribute.

Singapore Zoo may not be the largest, nor has the most varieties of animals on display. But for what it lack of, it made up in love and care for the animals, as shown throughout our whole time in the Zoo. There were plenty of talk about using recyclables materials to reduce waste in the ocean, to letting the animals have their way instead of accommodating to the visitors, I am glad, the animals are in good hands.

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  • That was a fun day at the zoo! I love taking pictures of animals and Singapore Zoo is one of my favourite spots! The way you describe the place is on-point! Singapore Zoo is a friendly place not just for the animals that they keep but also for their visitors, especially the curious little kids. The entire zoo is relaxing and the animals are well-kept. My favourite there are the orangutans.

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