Seoul Day 2: Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street | Hongdae Shopping Street

Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street

03766  10, Ewhayeodae 1-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul  | Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2) Exit 2

Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street is a shopping street near the Ewha Woman’s University nearby. This shopping street offers affordable, trendy items that targets the students from the university. So expectedly, most of the stuff here are for women. From cute plushies to gifts shops, clothes, shoes and even spectaculars!

Ewha woman's university fashion street
cute plushies

The fashion here is generally younger and pretty affordable. But it was winter when I went, hence most clothes are too thick for Singapore’s weather!

As we approached the Ewha Woman’s University, there was a detour into a small shopping area.

Not sure if we were too early, the shops were mostly closed. And the street was pretty empty. But I assume this should be the main Ewha Fashion Street as the shops are quite different from the shops that were along the main street. More youthful and hip.

After some loots, Daddy E spotted a saloon that says 10,000 won (~S$12) and decided to get a haircut!

With consultation, hair wash, haircut, it was quite a good experience for Daddy E. He came out looking younger haha! While he was getting his haircut, me and Baby E rested at a cafe.

Yes, we went in because Baby E saw the big ice-cream standee and insisted she “needs” an ice-cream. Despite the cold weather, I obliged. Haha!

Cafe in Ewha University Fashion Street
Cafe in Ewha University Fashion Street
Cafe in Ewha University Fashion Street
Happy with her ice-cream

Next we went to Hongdae!

Hongdae Shopping area

13:00 – 22:00 | Hongik University station (Line 2), Exit 5

Hongdae is probably the bigger brother of Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street. It is much bigger and much more crowded! Totally different from the quiet shopping at Ewha Fashion Street.

Hongdae shopping street
Hongdae shopping street full of students and youngsters.


Hongdae shopping street
crowded with youngsters

It was rather hard to shop with the crowd and not to mention lugging a toddler along so it was mainly people-viewing for us as we briskly walked along. Until we came to a queue of people. Being the typical kiasu Singaporeans, we must see what the queue is about!

Hongdae shopping street
Q-ing for the tall ice-cream!

That must be one of the tallest ice-cream I have ever seen! And of course, Baby E was so excited! Who wouldn’t? The ice cream was longer than our face.

Hongdae shopping street
Strawberry + Mango flavour. Cheaper than the previous ice-cream and 3 times taller.. haha

Although that was a queue but it was fast and we went walking in the cold with our mouths all numbed! Hongdae is filled with shops and little alleys are full of surprises too. We stumbled through one alley and came to this adorable view.

Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae
Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae


Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae
So pink!

I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, but even I got fluffed up by the pinkness!

Hello Kitty Cafe Hongdae
Huge Hello Kitty on display inside the cafe

I couldn’t resisted and dragged Daddy E in to take a look. It was full tho, so we only took a quick tour at their gift shop. So if you are planning to go, might be good to go during weekdays.

And too soon, it was time for dinner again!

I really regret not taking a photo of this BBQ place we went as it’s so value-for-money! It’s located along the Mapo-gu (37.552, 126.921) where there are several BBQ restaurants. We first got attracted as they were giving out free popcorns and Baby E grabbed them before we could say no. Turns out that they were having a promotion and we get one free serving of beef ribs and beer! So we went in.

BBQ at Hongdae
Seoul nice
BBQ at Hongdae
Beef ribs + pork belly

We had 3 servings of this! Including the free one. Add one more beer and soju. And the grand total came up to 60,000 won. So worth it! We came out of the place really bloated!

By now it was night time and we found their little food alley.

food at hongdae shopping street

food at hongdae shopping street
cute bulb drinks


food at hongdae shopping street
steak cubes


food at hongdae shopping street
Can’t resist steak and brought one! It’s not bad


By now we were too full! We shopped a little more and ended our day with a happy stomach and bags of loots.

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