Japan Tokyo: Haneda Airport | Hakone-Yumoto

Hakone is one of the most popular hotspring hotspot in Tokyo for centuries, and being of close proximity to Mount Fuji is a major plus point. Upon arrival at Haneda Airport, we took Keiyu Bus to Hakone-Yumoto where our accomodation – Ichinoyu Shinkan is. It was a 140 minutes bus ride and cost us ¥1950/adult.

Bus tickets to Hakone-Yumoto
Bus tickets to Hakone-Yumoto

Ichinoyu Shinkan is a hot spring resort we found online. And we love the traditional japanese room with the private open-air hot spring tub and the ability to adjust the temperature by adding cold water. It was so we can enjoy hot spring as a family instead of taking turns. And of course, the food looks amazing!

Spread at Ichinoyu Shinkan
Amazing spread at Ichinoyu Shinkan Hakone-Yumoto

But to get there, we took a cab (as recommended) from the Hakone-Yumoto station. It was just a 5 minutes ride and cost us ¥770. But it is a uphill route all the way, and with our luggages and stroller, it would have been a torturous 10-15 minutes walk.

After we checked-in, we went the same route down to the main town area.

Walking down towards Hakone-yumoto main town area
Easier to push the stroller downhill
A river along the main town area of Hakone-Yumoto
A river along the main town area of Hakone-Yumoto

It was rainy that day, so we settled for late lunch and went back to our resort.

And the next day, we rose early for our breakfast!

Breakfast at Ichinoyu Shinkan Hakone-Yumoto
Breakfast at Ichinoyu Shinkan

And then we are on our way to Hakone Round Course

Hakone Round Course
image from http://www.hakonenavi.jp/english/freepass/

It really depends if you want to do the round trip or just a few of it. But since we had catered a full day for this, we went for the round course and got the Hakone Free Pass at ¥4000/adult. The free pass is valid for two days so in fact you can spread the itinerary over two days.

Hakone Free Pass
Our tickets

It’s a very nice trip if you take your time to enjoy the scenery and the little eateries along the way. And of course, the chance to catch a glimpse of Fuji san. It was cloudy, the day we went. But still managed get a small little glimpse of Fuji san. But too small to get a decent photo, haha!

So is it worth going?

Hakone-Yumoto is 1 and a half hour from Shinjuku and would make the trip to Tokyo more memorable with the hot spring and Hakone round course. I won’t say the round course is a must-go, but it will be a cool experience to sit in their different transportations. Plus, there really isn’t much else to do there, haha.

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